We don’t like to let the challenge of a wet cold winter hold us back here at CHS Studios. We’re always out of sync, shooting summer in winter and Christmas in July, but that doesn’t stop us creating the most fantastic summer assets when the British weather isn’t being kind to us.

When the rain doesn’t stop, and with just the odd day of sunshine combined with no leaves on the trees, what are our options? Shooting in the depths of winter, doesn’t show the products off to the highest standards we always pride ourselves on. So we don’t limit our options to the UK, when we know the sun will be shining somewhere else in the world!

For our brands that need their shots to feel like high summer, or even to have a week of good weather to shoot their outdoor product, international locations are the favoured route amongst our clients and photographers to achieve the highest quality work. This route can often elevate product photography to a new level.

Follow the Sunshine

Shooting abroad can often be more affordable than you’d think. Our in-house team have plenty of contacts and options tucked up their sleeves to adapt, depending on your requirements. Working closely with the client, we set the budget from the start, helping us establish how far afield we can venture. The further south in the world we can go, the more likely we are to get some sunshine, thus ensuring we get those gorgeous emotive shots, with luscious greenery and blue skies, which we are always aiming for!

Team at CHS Studio

At CHS studio we’re experienced at planning international location shoots. Our team regularly guide our clients through any questions and thoughts they may have about shooting abroad. Whether that’s wondering if can we use UK models, finding them a location which covers every scenario required, applying for Visa’s, or planning out the logistics and arranging shoot permits, we’re on it! In the studio, we have regular catch-ups with the photographer and stylist ensuring we can make the best creative decisions together, getting right under the skin of the brand we are working on at that time.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of completing international shoots in South Africa, Paris, Portugal, Mallorca, Sicily and sunny Ibiza. We’ve perfected keeping tomato plants alive in the scorching South African heat for Lakeland, carefully propped up shoes on the edge of a pool in Ibiza for Cosyfeet, and found the perfect spot for the Eiffel tower behind some models for Barclaycard.

We have a fantastic working relationship with CHS and have been working with them for many years. Four years ago, they encouraged us to travel abroad to achieve our spring/ summer photography – and we’ve never looked back. Meticulous planning from conception to completion ensures the shoots run seamlessly, maximising both quality and output, while the luminous, naturalness of the imagery evokes a genuine sense of summer and continues to exceed our expectations year on year.

Juliette Walker, Cosyfeet