This Spring, the Photographic Studio at CHS Creative were tasked with coming up with an Easter cake design for Lakeland. As baking and cake decorating enthusiasts we jumped at the chance!

The Brief

To design and make a cake which had to be simple and achievable for Lakeland’s customers, but also have wow factor! At CHS Studios we have a team of talented food stylists and keen bakers, and I myself, also have many years of experience as a cake decorator.

Our idea

Lakeland wanted us to think of a stencil idea that could be used with their airbrush kit which sprays edible food colours onto cakes and biscuits. We came up with the idea of airbrushing cloud shapes for the top of the cake and a grass border around the base. The cake would be finished with a family of icing bunnies around the sides and chocolate mini eggs to prop. Lakeland loved this idea so we set to work.

One of my top tips for a task like this, is using a polystyrene cake dummy covered in white fondant icing. This is common practice in the world of cake decorating when the cake doesn’t need to be cut into, also saving time and money for the client.

Getting started

Our first task was to cut out the cloud template from thin card and add blue food colouring to the airbrush. A light spray over the edge of the template brought out the cloud shapes on the icing – I continued this halfway down the sides of the cake as well as the top. A top tip is to stick the cloud template onto a bamboo skewer – this saves you getting blue food colour all over your thumb!

Whilst the blue was drying I moved on to cutting out the grass template. I used a sharp scalpel to cut the blades of grass from a sheet of paper which was then wrapped around the base of the cake and pinned in position. I used a light shade of green for the first layer, then repositioned the template slightly and sprayed a darker green on top to give a feeling of depth.

The finishing touches

Next I used a bunny shaped cutter to cut out a family of bunnies from white and pale grey modelling paste. These were left to dry and harden for an hour to make it easier to handle them, and then stuck in position around the outside of the cake with a little royal icing. The finishing touch was a few chocolate mini eggs dotted around the base and we were ready to shoot!